Frequently asked questions


What is Spotter?

Spotter saves your plane photos in app and keep order in them. Let's you easily search and sort in your catches by plane type, airline, livery, registration, airport and many more. Spotter includes statistics page where you find interesting statistics about your collection like number of plane type catches(15 B777s), number of airport visited or number of unique planes caught. You are also getting badges for planes you've caught.

Why to use Spotter?

You have easy solution where you can save photos, then easily search in them and show them to your friends. There's also statistics made for spotters.

Does Spotter save pictures on cloud?

Spotter doesn't save photos on cloud, but it is planned.

On which devices Spotter run?

Spotter runs on iOS and Android. Windows and macOS versions are planned.

How to edit existing photos in app?

Double tap on frame around plane photo, edit whatever you want and click on update.

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